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Where Do Your Website’s Keywords Stand Compared to Your Competitors? SEO Analysis Is Essential

Most of us want to be on page 1 of the Search engine Page (SERP) for our main target keywords.

With 10 organic and natural results on the first site of search results, we in fact want to be over an other 9 opponents if possible. But where do you rank? More importantly, what are your competition doing to rank more highly than you?

The 3 main Search engines like google use a secret formula or criteria to decide what our websites are about.

There are plenty of factors on our websites, and many other factors not on our web pages (like back links) that influence the position we are given by the major search engines, and what keywords our website is most relevant to. online seo checker

SEO is the science of being aware of what the formula or formula is, and then making sure our web pages abide with it in order to get the greatest ranking possible. 

I use a commercial software program to investigate all my web pages. It costs 250 usd for the Business version of the software, and so it is not necessarily easily available for everyone. But you can pay money for simply a record for an extremely small price.

For each web site, I actually analyze it for you keyword phrase. I run the software which then finds out the best 12 competition for that search phrase, and then it even comes close my web page to each of the most notable 12 sites.

The report is very long – normally about 58 pages.

The advantage of it is that I then know just what to change on my web-page to be at least as good as the Top twelve competitors. After I have corrected and improved all my web page’s flaws to become its advantages, then it is merely a matter of your time for the Search Engines to identify my efforts, also to promote my web-page to amount 1.

If you would like to learn more about how precisely to get an SEO Top 12 Report, please see my resource below for some useful links.

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