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Urologists Provide Treatment Options for Incontinence

Reasons behind Incontinence

The first step in treating incontinence will be deciding the reason. Intended for women, childbirth and pregnant state is a very common cause of this disorder. This can even be caused by certain medications. Some individuals, both male and female, have difficulty with incontinence due to birth defects. Weakness in the bladder or pelvic floor muscles can also lead to failure of the bladder. Nerve disorders and spinal cord traumas can be a cause. The condition is far more prevalent in women than men, but both can contain it. Your urologist will take an in depth medical background when you first visit the clinic to help determine what could possibly be the cause of your condition. Make sure you be able to answer many questions with regards to your medical history. dr samadi urologist

Treatment Options

If you endure stress incontinence, which is bladder leakage that occurs with abs pressure, such as when you sneezing or laugh, your doctor has several treatments to consider. Sometimes, surgery can increase the condition by transfering the bladder or building a sling to ease some of the pressure. Sometimes the condition can be treated through physical remedy to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which then support the urine in better. In the event the condition is caused by an unable to start urethra, it can be treated through the treatment of bulking agents. 

Desire incontinence, or maybe the sudden damage of urine put together with an urgent need to emptiness is often treated with medication. When medication does indeed not work, surgical treatments may bring relief. A urologist can also help a patient with urinary training through timed bladder control. Electrical stimulation in addition has shown some promise as a treatment for urge incontinence.

One of the more difficult kinds of incontinence to treat is overflow incontinence. This type of incontinence involved a frequent dribbling of urine. If this is your condition, your doctor will help you control it through medication and self-catheterization.

Locating a Doctor

If you struggle with bladder control problems, help is available. You need to you should find an urologist who is very skilled at dealing with incontinence. Because you may feel uncomfortable discussing your condition with friends or family to seek a reference, use online review sites to help you find a skilled doctor with whom you can feel comfortable discussing this probably embarrassing condition. Meet with the physician to learn about his or her method of treating incontinence and find out if you feel comfortable talking to your doctor. Sense comfortable with the doctor is vital to ensuring that you get the best possible treatment. Once you find a doctor with a good reputation who you also feel comfortable with, you’ll be well on your way to finding a treatment for the embarrassing current condition of incontinence.

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