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Those Philosophical And Abstract Godly Attributes

The almighty is many different things to a number of people. The almighty is everywhere (omnipresent); The almighty is Nature; God is love; God is the creator; God is deceased; God doesn’t exist; Goodness was a historical astronaut; The almighty is all-knowing (omniscient); The almighty is all-powerful (omnipotent); The almighty works in mysterious ways; etc. Whole books have explored the situation going again, well ever since humans could think and share their ideas on newspaper, or carve them in stone, or whatever. On the other hand, a number of these abstract and idealised and philosophical versions of God (often contradictory) usually bear no relationship to the God of the Bible, or specifically The almighty of the Old Legs. click here for more

I’m not exactly sure what an abstract idealized concept of God is supposed to achieve, away from each other from becoming an intellectual exercise like planning to put a numerical value on angels’ chinwagging over a pinhead, but it has not do with putting bums on church pews. 

God is an immaterial being who doesn’t exist in space or in time. This is a common Godly attribute, but one which is absolutely nonsense*. If God creates something that’s energetic and physical (possessing energy and matter) then God must be something that’s energetic and physical to do that; that being creating that which is made of matter which is running on or off energy. You can’t create something from nothing that is negligible or create something by nothing that’s immaterial. In the event that God is therefore a physical and energetic something, then God must can be found in space and in time since all materials things (matter and energy), together with a materials creator and a materials creation, exist in space and time. If Our god speaks, for example, The almighty must be physical and have got energy.

But the Bible provides ample illustrations of God existing in space and time starting with the creation itself (Genesis 1 and Genesis 2). Wasn’t the creation once dated in simple fact to 4004 BCE? A date is a location with time! If God spoken to Moses via a burning bush, then Goodness existed in space and in time – at a specific point in space and at a specific point in time. The goes ditto for events in the Back garden of Eden and chant anywhere with anytime the Bible recounts some event where God did something; where God strutted His stuff, similar to old Egypt and all those events related in Exodus.

Another variation on that theme is that Goodness is everywhere. Well, Goodness was somewhere, not all over the place if he was having a go at Husfader and Eve! In case you are physical, you cannot be all over the place at the same time.

God also must be physical since He has a physical home turf (Heaven) and sits on a physical object, a tub – so God is available in space and uses up space.

If God is physical, and possesses energy, and expends energy, and there’s no real wriggle room there, then Goodness is subject to the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics – entropy. God may be eternal, God may be immortal, but God continues to have to refuel (i. elizabeth. – eat presumably) through implication, God has to visit the bathroom! God also needs His sleep, or at least rest, as per that seventh day of creation.

God is unchanging is another Godly attribute some religious philosophers associate with Him. Very well, if God is consisting of matter and energy, if God exists in space and time, and if God is controlled by entropy, then God are unable to be unchanging. If Our god rested on the 7th day, well, that’s change. The truth is God didn’t do or perform the exact same functions every day in Genesis 1 and 2. So that too is change. In fact Our god changed His mind, creating animals before man in Genesis 1; man before the animals in Genesis 2. God was also willing to modify His brain when it came to Sodom and Gomorrah – that’s obviously contemplating change even if S&G still got zapped..

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