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The Pencil Animation Software: One Free Option For The Graphic Designers

Pen is open source software that can be used to produce 2D animations. This kind of software will allow you to design bitmap and vector graphics for you. Since open source or free softwares are becoming popular among the professional graphic designers this would be useful for the program designers who can’t manage much capital on their graphic development work. This kind of software was developed by the Pascal Naidon by using the computer vocabulary C++ and Qt established. Pencil is 2D software that can be run in Mac, Windows, Apache and BSD operating systems. The current version designed for the free download from The net is 0. 4. 4 b. The early editions of pencil are zero. 4. 2 and zero. 4. 3. You can create traditional hand sketched cartoons applying this pencil software. However pencil is not for the designing of the software on web. It can be for designing simple animations. You can design animated cartoons using this simple software. download

The existing version of pencil offered free from its official website. If you search by the queries “Pencil Software” or “Download Pencil” in the search engines like Google or yahoo you can see the URLs related to the pencil software. Bear in mind it is not available for buying. So always use the official website for the downloading goal. Open source software designers always make an work to develop software on behalf of the city those who can’t find the money for for thesoftwares readily available for the high prizes in the software market. Thus you can contribute any amount you like for this developer if you like and satisfied with your pencil software. In the event that you donate at least few dollars that would be helpful for the number of software users who are depending on pencil and who won’t be able to afford for the programs sold in the market. If you can better donate utilizing your pay mate account. We have a tab available in the state website and you may donate the required amount there.

So let’ get began with pencil. Download the setup programme and run it in your computer. You will discover separate links for the application download in pad website. Each link is created to download the same version of the pencil software several functioning systems. This will set up the application to your computer. Sketch your cartoon using the pencil tool available in the application programme. Place frames to the number. There is also an eraser tool available in this pencil software when you want to make the necessary changes. The various tools, color brush and the container are available so that you can add colours if necessary. You should click on the timeline you may need to add a sound layer. Audio may be important for your animated cartoons. Opt for the coating and import requirements you are having in your pc.

By clicking on data file and selecting export you will be able to export your file in several formats. After you have set the road click on save button. Can make the final step of the animation and it would be ready to be viewed on your computer. So start designing small cartoons with this free software. Pencil software will help you to be a professional cartoonist.

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