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The Illegitimate Book Reviewers And How to Spot Them

Writers need book reviews to trade their books, and of course they desire great ones. Authors who learn their craft, do their research, and produce quality, creatively written books deserve good recommendations, and by setting up the proper time and hard work, such authors usually get glowing praise from testers. But even good literature can receive bad reviews-and I don’t mean reviews that say negative things about the book. I am just talking about ones written by people not trained, no matter how highly esteemed, to write them. Why are they not qualified? Because they do not look at the books. Purpose driven life

A few face it. Books are a business, and critics know authors need them. Free reviews have become harder and harder to find. Reviewers are now being paid for their services, and they should be; their time is valuable, and reading a reserve and writing a reasonable review can take many hours. Authors need to be willing to pay for the service and realize it’s a business investment, just like advertising and marketing, where money is invested in hopes it will bring about book sales. 

But unscrupulous people-let’s call them illegitimate book reviewers-are willing to prey after authors’ needs. They realize they can earn a living off an author without providing a legitimate service. Let’s imagine you make $100 for each and every book you review, and it will require you eight several hours to study a book. That is $100 every day. But didn’t it be nice to make $200 or $400 or $1, 200 a day? What if, rather than reading the books, you only skimmed them, or you just regurgitated what the back cover said? Believe how many fake ones you could generate, and how much money you might make, while giving writers what exactly they want. So what if the review is merely four sentences? So long as you give it five stars at Amazon online, the author will be happy, right? Cha-ching!

Unfortunately, yes, in many instances, authors have been happy. But mostly they are first-time or self-published writers new to the business who got lucky getting accurate descriptions of their books. I’ve known many such authors rave about how precisely their book was ranked by one of those “esteemed” or “top” critics, often one near the best in Amazon’s rankings.

In the beginning when I started offering book reviews, I understood it was unlikely I actually would ever be positioned in Amazon’s Top 12, not because my reviews lacked quality or We didn’t cover enough catalogs, but simply because I had been not a robot, and I actually read the books. If you look at Amazon’s set of top Amazon reviewers, many of them have reviewed over 5, 000 books. A high level00 service with several reviewers on personnel, that number is understandable, but almost all of the very best placed are individuals. How do this be? Even if really your full time job and you could read a book a day, or even two literature per day, that’s only 10 weekly or about five hundred 12 months. A person would have to have recently been reviewing at Amazon for 10 years to break 5, 000. Okay, I suppose that’s possible, but look into some of the top ones on Amazon. A lot of of them have submitted on up to 15 books a day. Certainly, some are legitimate and write quality write-ups, so I actually don’t mean to brand those.

Granted, a few of these people might be speed readers, nevertheless the jury is still away on the legitimacy of speed reading. I acquired a friend who said to be a rate reader. I gave her three mystery novels to read that she came back to me the next day. Once i asked her whether she had thought out who the killer was in one publication, she couldn’t remember “whodunit. ” If you’re reading so fast you aren’t retain the basic story, you’re not really reading the book.

Worse, many of these write-ups have nothing to declare an author can even use. I’ve seen some that are just 3 or four sentences of plot summary without anything at all that states the reserve is “good, excellent, interesting, or to never be skipped. ” A writer cannot get a blurb for a back cover if a review only summarizes but does not rate the book’s quality.

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