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Take Away From Google I/O 2013 – All Androids Are Equal!


Time was when Google designer gatherings hummed around Google Maps, Web toolbox et cetera. In any case, from the last gathering onwards the spotlight was on Android, and Chrome in a specific order. Maybe the humongous open door resting in cell phones has sunk profound into Google. A reality recognized by Larry Page himself when he jested that he might want to run the organization by means of his cell phone.

Google has looked to incorporate its different items with Android and refresh them in Android without updating Android to coordinate them in similarity.


As specified in the past section, Android enthusiasts do see a silver covering out of the constrained Android refreshes. Websites are overflowing with how includes presented from this version onwards don’t really require a refresh in the OS. It gives feed to assention as the essential commence for changing an OS’ adaptation is to empower it to play every one of the applications, be it old or cutting edge. The different adaptations and designs (of individual versatile equipment organizations like Samsung, HTC, Sony and so forth) of Android were making significant firewalls to refreshing even the exclusive Google applications; applications that give the quintessential Android encounter. Google by means of its element refresh, successfully handles the issue of discontinuity as Google+, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play, applications that are available in Android from variants Froyo onwards a well as Google Music All Access that are to be presented now would all be able to dwell in adaptations Froyo onwards without need of a refresh. It appears the issue of discontinuity has been ideally nailed.

Android Studio: this refresh has the name android stamped on it! Meaning, it is Android particular. News is that Google intends to acquaint Android Studio with supplant the current Eclipse designer condition for Android applications. Google teamed up with JetBrains to make the Android Studio. Obviously this advancement has some last details to tie up, yet Google feels this IDE when propelled would enable Android designers to expand their efficiency. Here’s the manner by which it could offer assistance:

It joins abilities of Maven and Ant to manufacture adaptable and variedly enhanced arrangements.

Brilliant code altering abilities including discovering inline assets and Android particular customizations. It is helped by cutting edge supervisor UI that empowers drag-drop of gadgets, reenact yield see in various equipment setups and even review while altering in XML.

Gives profound investigative ability to distinguish a wide range of bugs

Gives wizards in light of preset layouts and furthermore access to other Google administrations.

Accommodates simple relocation of ventures from Eclipse (as fare) or import into Studio (of existing Eclipse IDE ventures).

Google has, similar to Android OS, influenced Android Studio to free and open source which could be the sweetener.

Google Play: Android designers can utilize the Google Play administrations to acquire the coveted APIs to build maps, diversions or online networking (read Google+) on Android gadgets (mobiles or tablets).

Gaming: stimulation is moving to handheld gadgets by droves putting a premium on giving a similar client encounter as in PC/gaming console. Google has ventured up the client encounter by presenting the accompanying highlights:

Leaderboards: a most extreme of 100 leaderboards, both open and social, is given to empower designers draw in clients by giving them a chance to contrast scores and different players. Leaderboards are made naturally for day by day, week after week, month to month or redid renditions.

Prizes framework: designers can compensate clients for participating in the diversion by giving standard or incremental accomplishments that can be seen in a UI. The can utilize the designer consoles to control the accomplishments.

Google gives the Cloud Saving APIs to spare diversion status and settings on cloud.

Designers can enable clients to welcome different players to the diversion or play with irregular clients with the most extreme farthest point pegged at 4.

Google encourages the advancement of area mindful applications by giving the accompanying APIs:

Geofencing APIs: this API is utilized to characterize topographical limits. It additionally gives the accompanying choices:

to make ready channels for clients leaving a specific region

change updates of area in light of headway habit(like strolling, riding or driving)of the client (see Activity acknowledgment API)

include or erase topographical limits

Combined area supplier: this API utilizes fundamental diagram to give the well-suited outcomes to your inquiry on areas, even complex level questions. It is snappy, adaptable and uses lesser battery control.

Action acknowledgment supplier: this API utilizes control sensors to recognize the client’s present action, for instance, driving, strolling, riding lingering and so on. This is utilized as a part of pair with the Geofencing API to give the well-suited updates to the client.

Single Sign-on through Google+: representing the way that clients change cell phones regularly and that these gadgets may run distinctive OS, Google gives the API to sign in by means of Google+ in any gadget. This demolishes the need to influence administrations to like Google Wallet, Games, Plus gadget particular. There are libraries for these administrations that react to the auto sign demand utilizing their technique.

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