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Studying for 70-534 : Oracle Database

70-534 : Oracle Database 11g: Advanced PL/SQL is the last of three exams required to complete the development track for qualification as an Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional. This test is intended for individuals with the Oracle PL/SQL Associate recognition who would like to upgrade their credentials to the professional-level certification. Developers who have passed one of the two PL/SQL fundamentals exams, either 70-534 , have demonstrated that they are knowledgeable in the basic elements of the PL/SQL language. By contrast, the Advanced PL/SQL exam contains questions about development tools and techniques that require a considerably higher level of experience. Many of the elements tested are in areas that PL/SQL programmers with years of experience might do not have used. The planning necessary for this exam can add to the skills even of people who may have worked extensively with PL/SQL. Passing this exam will not instantly make someone only starting out with Oracle into an expert PL/SQL developer. The only thing that is going to do that is writing lots of code. However, preparing for this exam can help most PL/SQL developers to increase their knowledge of its capabilities. Having that knowledge can considerably shorten the time required to become an expert. 70-534 dumps

When preparing for this exam, or for any Oracle qualification exam, the first step should always be visiting the Oracle Education website. We have a list available for each and every Oracle exam that contains every matter that will be protected. This provides candidates with a ready-made checklist to guide their study initiatives. Without it, there is no way to know what to concentrate your planning efforts on. Oracle tests will never contain any question outside those on the list. The Advanced PL/SQL exam will have sixty-eight multiple-choice or multiple-answer questions and you will have 90 minutes to complete it. The spending score is sixty-five percent. Intended for the multiple-answer questions there is no partial credit — the questions are either right or they are wrong. Any questions that are left bare will count as inappropriate. You should answer every one, although you may simply pick your chosen letter, because otherwise the question counts against your score.

There is no single aspect of the Advanced PL/SQL exam that sticks out as a ‘must focus’ area. The exam has a relatively small number of subject areas that topics roll up to every has an approximately equal focus. In preparing for the test, you should give each topic equal importance and concentrate your efforts only as necessary to learn ones that you find the most difficult to understand. Through the standpoint of an experienced developer, I can notify you that I find collections extremely useful, and that performance is always a factor. Allocating extra attention to these areas might be worthwhile simply from the standpoint of how useful they are after the test. You may never have a development requirement for fine-grained access control, but you always want to write PL/SQL that executes as fast as possible.

I always recommend the use of the Oracle manuals to individuals who are studying for Oracle certification tests. Right now there are three reasons for this. First, the documents is very good. Second, every single manual can be downloaded free of demand. Third, the information in the manuals is conclusive – the data contained there is what the assessments were developed from. The next titles provide the vast majority of the data you will need for 70-534 :

Advanced Application Developer’s Guide
Advanced Security Administrator’s Guide
Data source Security Guide
PL/SQL Terminology Reference
PL/SQL Packages and Types Reference
SecureFiles and Large Objects Developer’s Guide
OCA-level exams tend to cover an extensive range of subject areas to a shallow interesting depth. By contrast, OCP-level checks like 70-534 are created by Oracle Education to protect a moderate range of subject areas nevertheless they require a further level of understanding for each. This exam concentrates on fewer areas than was covered by 70-534 , but you need to understand the ones it does cover in greater detail. Prior to scheduling your exam, you should be comfortable that you have mastered all of the matters listed. Great luck on the test.

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