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Small Business Marketing Book Review – The Tipping Point Part Three of Three

This content concludes our three-part report on Malcolm Gladwell’s The Showing Point. As mentioned before, Gladwell is a correspondent, no employee of an ad agency or affiliate of a huge corporate marketing department. But, the ideas presented in The Showing Point are extremely relevant to the little business owner looking for an benefits over her competition. The Tipping Point

Gladwell’s 3 rd factor influencing a tipping point is The Benefits of Context. The idea that the environment surrounding us heavily impacts thoughts and individual patterns is in the central of this section of the book. A key theme for small businesses proprietors then is the value of the details in their business.

Of all different premises supply in this book, this one is probably the most upsetting to our traditional ideas of what makes humans behave as they do. Gladwell demonstrates that in many instances the environment is a much more important component in affecting immediate behavior than we typically like to believe that it is. He describes people to be “… more than just sensitive to changes in context. We are exquisitely sensitive to them. ” (p. 140) 

The lesson for the small business owner is easy and yet far from easy: surround your customers with an environment that is most conducive to their buying from you. Less difficult said than done, of course; but if Gladwell is remotely correct, then we have an opportunity to affect our customer’s behavior by altering small things in the environment.

The balance from the Tipping Point is filled with case studies that support Gladwell’s theory that much of human being social behavior mirrors how epidemics move through a population. For those of you who run a tiny business that is growing, he offers some perception into the size boundaries of a powerful working group. Once the number of men and women in a group is greater than 150 group communication becomes less efficient and is inclined to break down. This may not so much a function of the marketing aspect, but it is interesting from the functions part of business.

The Showing Point is one of those “deep-well” books you can turn back to again and again but still draw fresh ideas from. Gladwell’s style is true to his literature background. He doesn’t source a clear-cut roadmap or a “how to” for small business owners. Alternatively, his method supplies that gentle finger pointing in the direction of further action on our part. This is a book that can–and should–sit on your reference corner for years, assisting you to guide your small business as it grows and changes. We recommend you buy it yet this 12 months.

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