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Seven Secrets To Choosing A Safe, Healthy Pet Food

Do you really choose canned food or dry food? What brand? There are so many different brands, a large variety of sizes of pet food to choose from and dog owners are provided with very little information to base your decisions on (other than advertising) – it can get so confusing! Well, strip your seatbelt depending how much you know of your pet food industry, this could be a bumpy ride! You are about to learn several secrets – well retained secrets – of feline food. Relax, brace yourself, and keep reading. Norwegian

Beneful says it’s ‘Premium Doggie Food for a Completely happy, Healthy Dog’ and provides for about $18. 00 for a 31 lb. handbag, Science Diet “promises” ‘precisely balanced nutrition through ongoing research and the maximum quality food supported by your Vets endorsement’ and offers for around $21. 00 for only a 20 lb bag. Then there are many pet foods that make the identical statements – ‘Premium Dog Food, Greatest Quality’ – that sell for $30. 00 or more for a 20 lb bag. And the same holds true for cat owners… Do you choose Whiskas that says ‘Everything we do is about making cats happy! ‘ or do you choose one of people high end cat foods which will make the very same state of a happy, healthy cat but cost 3 times as much? 

Right now with the on-going feline food recall pet owners have questions such as ‘Has this food recently been recalled? ‘ or ‘Is this food another one to be recalled? ‘… ‘Is my pet safe? ‘ Wow this is confusing! And scary too! What exactly is a pet owner to do? How about learning a few secrets! Equipped with the ability of a few secrets of pet food, it’s not practically as confusing.

Secret #1…

Most pet foods use detailed words like choice and premium, though handful of them actually use premium or choice ingredients in their food. The ‘secret’ is that per the guidelines of the pet food industry, no pet food can make any statements or references on their label or advertising as to the quality or grade of ingredients. You see, the phrase ‘premium’ when it’s related to feline food DOES NOT suggest that the ingredients in the food are high quality. With pet foods, high grade does not (can not) describe the food neither will it (can it) identify the standard of the food. This is a marketing term and that is all. Per your pet food industries own rules, “There are no references to ingredient quality or grade” (regulation PF5 d 3). So, words like superior, or choice, or quality are just marketing or sales terms. They should not be interpreted as conditions describing the quality of the food.

With your looks wouldn’t a pet food label be allowed to tell a possible customer the quality of their ingredients? Will not a pet owner should have to really know what they are buying? This leads me personally to the next key…


If I can compare ‘people’ food to pet food for simply a second, we all know there are different features of men and women food. There is White Castle (I’m accountable here, I love the little guys! ) and there is Outback Meat House (another favorite). Equally restaurants serve meat and potatoes. At White Citadel for under $3. 00 you can get a couple of hamburgers and an order of french fries. While at Outback you can get a meat and baked potato for about $16. 00. Both provide beef and potato – yet you already recognize that there are huge health dissimilarities between a fast food hamburger and a steak… right?

The problem in your pet food industry – is the fact most pet owners don’t think in the same conditions in regards to pet food. They may think in conditions there are fast food types of pet foods and there are sit down restaurant more nutritious types of pet foods. In reality, in the past a young man tried this very experiment with his own diet – eating simply fast food for 30 days. In only one month of eating junk food three meals a day, he gained a great deal of weight, stress and cholesterol levels sky-rocketed. Now, imagine your dog or cat eating this type of food its’ entire life time.

OK, so back to our two meals… if a chemical analysis of your meal at White wine Castle was compared to a chemical analysis of your meal at Umland – both would evaluate with a percentage of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Regardless whether you consider a steak at Umland a higher quality of protein than the cheese burger – it would still analyze as protein. The analysis doesn’t measure quality of protein.

So here is the trick… All domestic pet foods have an Assured Analysis stating the portion of protein, fat, dietary fiber and moisture in the foodstuff. The REAL secret is situated in the standard of the proportions of protein, fat, and so on.

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