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Popular Tow Truck Hitch Accessories to Consider

Everybody who’s towed a trailers knows just how important you should choose the right tow hitch. However, novice towers should know that the right problem isn’t enough to get you where you have to be. There are several problem accessories that professional wrecker operators encourage drivers to use when creating to tow a trailer. Continue reading to learn a little about some of the most popular and recommended tow hitch accessories, and who to contact for added towing advice and information you can trust. Wrecker Service Tulsa

Ball Mounts

The problem receiver and ball supports are totally separate devices. A ball mount should slide into a problem receiver and be anchored with a locking pin number. Always be certain to use a ball mount which fits your hitch class. This is actually the amount of weight your truck can pull, of course. Class I problem pulls up to 2, 000 pounds, Class 2 hitches pull up to 3, 500 pounds, Category III’s chin up to 5, 000 pounds, etc. You can find class Sixth v hitches that can draw more than ten 1000 pounds! 

Hitch Balls

Problem ball shanks fit through a hole in a ball mount, and guaranteed with nuts and machines. Because these holes in ball mounts come in several sizes, it is vital to check the shank diameter of your hitch balls before trying them out or purchasing them.


Even though couplers are technically part of a trailer, they are an important equipment to mention just because a trailers cannot be linked to a vehicle without them. They are bonded to the end of the tongue, and must match how big is hitch ball diameter. They have to also be able to handle that total weight of the burden in transport. This is called the gross trailer weight, or GTW.

Locks, Pins, and Clips

As mentioned before, pins are being used to secure ball mounts to problem receivers. Then the clip is located within the head of the pin to prevent it from slipping away of place. Hitch tresses are popular alternatives to pins and clips, as they actually the job of both; nevertheless they also protect the ball mounts from thieves.

Safety Chains

One particular of the most highly recommended accessory for any tow are safety restaurants. Just like couplers, protection chains are located at the tongue of the trailer, but on each side. They serve the purpose of keeping a trailer linked to a car, while providing extra basic safety and security when dragging a trailer. In simple fact, most states require them under law.

Tube Addresses

Customizable and fun to use, hitch tube addresses are another popular and useful accessory for dragging a trailer. When tow line hitches aren’t being used, they can acquire dirt and grime, mud, and grime. This kind of exposure can cause pre-mature corrosion and deterioration of your tow hitch. The solution for this concern is by using a hitch cover! They are steel or plastic tube covers that protect your tow problem from overexposure to natural elements and harsh weather conditions. Simply insert them into the ball support hole when not being used. They are fun because they are available in a variety of colors and patterns that you can match to your truck or your personality!

Hitch-Mounted Cargo Companies

Hitch-mounted cargo carriers are another accessory that can be useful when not towing a trailer. That they are like a mini-flatbed trailer because they give you a flattened platform capable of supporting 600 pounds of cargo weight. Cargo companies simply hook up to the hitch receiver on one side, providing the program deck on the other! You will find two types of carriers, open-style and encapsulated. Talk to your local wrecker service for details and advice on which style to use for your truck or SPORT UTILITY VEHICLE (SUV).

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