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No More Razor Rash

For anybody who find wet-shaving agonizing and irritating.

It is a little known truth that dry whiskers in a beard or hair have a similar power to copper wire. Unsurprising then, that shaving can quite literally be a pain.

Here are our tips to using a close, and comfortable moist shave. how to get rid of razor rash

Don’t shave as the initial thing that you do when you’ve got away of bed. It is advisable if you shave after having a shower, as this softens the whiskers. If you shower first, consider coating a hot towel circular your face to achieve this initial softening.
Make use of a quality razor. The favourites are currently the Gillette Mach 3 Turbocharged and Gillette Fusion Ability.
Use shaving oil first on wet face. All of us like King of Will shave shaving oils.
Put a shaving foam over the oil – we’re especially fond of Original Supply Mint shaving foam, for the very refreshing minty zing.
Wait – provide the oil and shaving polyurethane foam time to further ease your beard.
If you haven’t showered or used a hot towel first, wait more.
Shave in front of a looking glass – you are much less likely to cut yourself if you can see what you are doing.
Shave in the direction your beard develops, rinsing the razor after each stroke.
After waxing, use a good post-shave balm – preferably odourless, if you like to use cologne too.
Ideally your razor rash will now be a thing of the past. Regrettably, that expensive cologne is still going to tingle when you put it on…

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