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My Favorite Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

Leonardo DiCaprio is an amazing actor. This is unquestionable truth. You are able to argue it, but you would be wrong. The guy constantly gets to choose the best functions available and it is no secret that he is Martin Scorsese new favorite actor to work with (the previous of course being Robert De Niro).

Let’s discuss some of Leonardo DiCaprio’s best videos up to this point in the career.

The first movie I will discuss happened to be directed by, surprise, Matn Scorsese, and is zero other than Gangs Of recent York. Being a native New Yorker, this film depicted the early on days of New You are able to City like I got never seen before. 

One other film of Leonardo DiCaprio’s that is unquestionably worth finding, if you haven’t already, is Shutter Island. This is certainly a different type of movie for both Leo and director Martin Scorsese; it is dark, it is scary and it has a twist that will blow your brain.

Blood Diamond is another movie of his that blew my thoughts. This kind of is a very important film, as it unearths the rest of the world to the sort of industry that is the African-american precious stone trade. I’m not saying this is all factual, but plainly they did their research.

One more amazing film that happens to star Leonardo The future actor is Inception. I do not think the role that this individual played in this film was particularly demanding, but that doesn’t stop it from being an absolutely incredible movie.

One other movie of his that I desire to talk about is Revolutionary Road. This kind of movie was directed by Sam Mendes (of North american Beauty fame) and also stars Kate Winslet in a story about a frustrated couple surviving in 1955s suburbia.

In reading this article, I am positive that there is at least one movie within this list which you have not yet seen and will not add to your movie list.

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