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Intelligent Optics Video Camera Glasses: The Intelligent Option to a Bike Mounted or Helmet Camera

You could recall last year the BBC featured an article online and in the news regarding cyclists in London combating bad driving a car with the use of helmet cameras. Cyclist Tom from London famously pictured the event where a van driver caused him to have an crash and then proceeded to jump out the vehicle to confront him and verbally abuse him.

Bike riders use Helmet Cameras to capture bad driving during their daily commute. best camcorder for youtube

Thankfully Mr Porter was putting on a helmet camera and he captured the event on film, allowing the authorities to secure a dedication against the van drivers. There are around 18, 000 injuries annually and 2009 saw 104 fatalities of cyclists on the roads, by using a camera for capturing footage of bad drivers is a good way of ensuring that drivers take notice of cyclists and maybe give them a little bit more respect and become more thoughtful on the roads. 

Whom knows you may conclude in court or appearing on TV if you!

A different type of motorcycle helmet camera

Helmet cameras are a bulky device which attaches to your headgear via straps, or to a chest harness or handlebar rig. Although useful it does mean additional weight and/or an connection to your body or bike. Almost all bicyclists wear glasses, so with the development of digital camera technology, Intelligent Optical technologies have developed the iO Classic Series Video Camera Glasses.

These stylish sun glasses feature a high quality camera in the nasal area bridge of the sun glasses, allowing you to track record footage of whatever you happen to be looking at. Well suited for creating a video record of your riding a bike trip, downhill run, red route at a trek centre, or for a video diary of your city commute. As the camera is incorporated in the sunglasses there is no need for an additional bolt on headgear cam or chest machine.

Introducing the iO Vintage Series Camera Glasses

The Intelligent Optics Camera Spectacles are incredibly stylish eyewear camera glasses with a coloring video camera hidden within the frame, which allows you to record high quality video footage on the inbuilt personal online video recorder.

The IO Basic Series video camera sun glasses with built in audio and video recording are suitable for outdoor pursuits such as skiing, snowboarding, hill biking and climbing as well as for cctv surveillance purposes.

These sun spectacles with a camera are simply perfect for recording in-car video footage or for watching all kinds of motorsports. Whether you are watching a great prix, driving on a race circuit, or traveling by using a huge batch pass you can track record stunning footage with Smart Optics glasses camera.

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