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How to Stop Your Dog From Stealing Food Off The Table

Absolutely, when it comes to bad dog behavior, there isn’t much more irritating than inserting a wonderful plate of food on the table, forgetting to position a cover on it, and getting back to discover your dog has enjoyed your dinner. Not only is your food gone, but your dog is eating food that probably isn’t very good for him. sausas sunu maistas

Because an owner, this should be a fairly easy problem to fix, right? Your dog shouldn’t be stealing food from you, or so you think. You’re the one in charge. Your pet is the dog. This is your property. But, in reality, where food is worried, lots of dogs get a glazed try looking in their eyes and turn into food creatures. Owner? What owner? 

Gowns why it’s your task, as the owner, to educate your puppy about the basic boundaries regarding food, and the consequences, in regards to tables and counters.

Setting up Boundaries

The very first thing you need to do is stop providing your pup any tablescraps. In the event that you command your dog not to get any food from the table but you turn around and offer him the same food later, you will only confuse your pup.

On the other palm, if you captivate dog that the food is yours to make and he is never in order to have it, you are setting a boundary that your puppy can understand.

Furniture and Counters

With that out of the way, you can teach your dog that he refuses to get anything by attempting to reach the table. As with other actions, you may need to teach him that there are outcomes if he does it. That does not mean you should punish your dog. That usually doesn’t work. Rather, you will show your dog that something upsetting happens.

To begin with, try to keep food from your dog and out of his reach as much as you can. Possibly if the training is certainly going well, don’t tempt your puppy or put food in the way. Secondly, you need to help make the behavior of strolling up toward the stand or counter scary and unpleasant for your dog.

You can do this by inserting something on the table or countertop that your dog will knock down when this individual jumps up. You can use bottles or clear soda cans stuffed with a few pennies or rubble. These things are incredibly loud when they rattle and they should scare your dog away.

It might take a few days or more for your puppy to learn, but most dogs usually learn quickly that when he jumps up to grab something to eat, he will probably face something boisterous, loud, and unpleasant instead.

Maintaining Your Authority

The dog will continue to respect you if you keep your position as the alpha leader in your home. For a lot of people table jumping will certainly not be an issue because the dog has value for them and their authority. But you need to keep that specialist.

Don’t weaken and give your dog table bits or ask him to wash up some food at the table or on your kitchen floor. When you have set your boundaries you need to bear them.

If you commence making exceptions you will just confuse your dog and that will lead to situations that will cause missing food and family members who will be angry. When you have to, you can resort to obstructing your dog from heading into rooms where there is food that this individual could grab.

No matter what situation in your home, you should keep in head that it’s an horrible idea to let your dog have access to your tables and surfaces this means you will bring about some starving humans.

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