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Help Your ADHD Child Achieve Success Using These Simple Five Strategies

We will face it. No subject what medicine your child is on for AD/HD, there is no way why these pills are heading to teach him the essential skills and ways of get through school and family life. Fidget Spinners

This is where a few personality strategies come in really useful. But I prefer to call them simple techniques to make life easier! You could even call them home management tips or parenting skills. It does not subject what you call them. You just need to to get these five strategies on your radar and at the top of your list.

How ADHD friendly is your home?

Precisely what is the clutter situation like? Do you know where everything is the time? Probably not, and that is why having set locations for institution bags, books, clothes, playthings and so on is so important. First, it saves a load of the time. Secondly, there is no confusion as everything is in its place. Only think of the trouble you are saving. The child will never lose anything at all even if she or he is plagued by distraction. 

So everything is in its place. Nevertheless what about events, lunch, bedtimes and so on? If there is no structured routine and everything happens on an advertisement hoc basis, then you are not helping your ADHD child at all. Kids love routine and want to feel that they really know what is happening next. So do adults!

Do you have a patterns chart in a dominant place?

The very best behavior chart of all is one with plenty of visuals. You will find superstars and points system to reward achievements, good levels and positive behavior. I actually do not favour long lists of instructions but keep things simple.

You will see black points too for inappropriate behavior and screwing up to do homework although it is actually best to highlight positive behavior.

Providing instructions

Sounds simple, will not it? The problem is that your child’s attention span is just as short as your fingernail. Their brain flutters around just like a puppies so even remembering what you said ten moments ago is a problem. An easy way is to keep it nice and basic get the child to do it again back to you. There is no need to go into great detail as to reasons, extra details or even consequences. Keep it brief!

Approaches for dealing with distractions

My fourth strategy is all about disturbances. But not necessarily asking your child to keep still. Research demonstrates a secondary physical movement helps the child to completely focus so we can allow them to get a squeeze ball or other fidget toys. A lot of parents have stability balls because the act of managing uses both sides of the brain and it helps the kid to put emphasis on the task in hand.

Obviously we are not going to have the TV or computer on although listening to background music helps some children to concentrate. This will depend on personal taste. Seeing as for screen time in general, it is always smart to limit this and also to avoid over animated cartoons as attention span and focus have a tendency to suffer. That becomes clear as they may have to settle to do a very humdrum still life task that is not very rewarding or rewarding.

Help your child to discover his / her strong point

Every child excellent at something. AD/HD kids are often funny, creative and talented in many ways that leave other children envious. You need to highlight these and help your kid to develop his skills. This can be a great way of building confidence helping the child to forget his other limitations and problems.

By using these five simple strategies, we can really help a kid to cope better and make life easier for everyone in the family.

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