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First Spouse Gold Coins – Will the Popularity Endure?

The First Spouse Gold Gold coin Series is proving to be one of the most popular mint attractions in years. Until now, 3 coins have been released, and all have sold out within hours of the original offering. With money scheduled to be released until at least 2016, many collectors have recently been wondering whether the preliminary popularity of the series will endure.

The Primary Spouse Gold Coin Software was created by General public Law 109-145 to prize the First Spouses of the United States of America. Because all Primary Spouses to date have been women, the money are occasionally referred to as the First Female coins. Fieldcoin

Each coin incorporates a portrait of the Primary Spouse on the obverse. The reverse features a special design representative of the spouse’s life and work. In case a Chief executive served with no First Partner, the obverse will include an image of Freedom which was used on circulating coinage during the President’s term. 

Currently, gold coins have been released to honor Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, and Thomas Jefferson’s Liberty. The mint enforced strict ordering limits on the coins so that they can attain the broadest possible distribution. The ordering limit for the first two coins was five of each and every option every household. Following your quick sell out for these gold coins, the mint reduced the limit to one of each option per home for the 3rd coin offered. Even with the reduced limit, coins still sold out within hours.

Does indeed the popularity endure?

A number of things can happen which would impact the near future popularity of the series. First, part of the reason for the quick sell outs has recently been the relatively low certified mintage of 40, 1000 per coin. For future years, the U. H. Mint does have the ability to improve the official mintage. A higher certified mintage would prevent the quick sell outs, which so far have added an allure to the series.

Second, many of the First Spouse Coins which were purchased have been immediately offered for sale on the supplementary market. It is often common practice for speculators to immediately offer soldout coins at online auction venues for large premiums. If these premiums are not able to prove lasting, speculators who accelerated the sell outs might look for a new lieu to target.

Third, the series has a very long duration. Since money will be released at a rate of only four per year, the present release schedule runs through 2016. Over the years, collectors who in the beginning experienced the intention to put together a complete set may have their attentions stray to other series or new mint offerings.

While it does appear likely that the popularity of the series will wane over the coming years, this does not rule them out as an investment and collectible. The money released to date have included beautiful and unique designs and honored the accomplishments of our First Husband and wife. Patient collectors with a permanent collecting horizon will still be rewarded for years to come.

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