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Effective PR For Exhibitions

Carry out exhibition organizers really be familiar with difference between ‘marketing and PR? Coming from my own experience, We often think they may. Promoting exhibitions always seems to have been centered on telesales, direct mailbox and advertising, and the issuing of some standard, dry, unimaginative news produces. As a consequence, the value of PR has recently been underestimated. landesaustellung Oesterreich

Public relations should be developed as a strong factor within the promotional mix; after all, the dictionary meaning of public relations is “Forming a great public view of an organization”. Surely this is what every organizer is endeavoring to do, and without the most basic of general opinion, the success of the show will be all the more harder to achieve. 

The traditional monthly pr release, announcing increased space sales or widest media coverage; you can only flog the exhibition dates and space sales so many times before the press stop reading the press announcements. PR is about understanding the marketplace, the participants and visitors, the goal media and their parts of interest, and knowing how to work with the exhibitors’ products or services to ‘sell’ a history into the press.


To use PR effectively, organizers need to plan their integrated strategy in the beginning. Public relationships can either be the obligation of a dedicated in-house department, or more commonly, an external agency devoted to either the relevant field and also the exhibition industry as a whole.

By using a consultancy that knows shows from both sides of the fence, definitely has a good advantage, as they can advise the organizer how best to get contributions from exhibitors (and believe me, this can be like drawing tooth! ) Not only does indeed this save the coordinators the time involved with chasing after all his exhibitors for information, but it develops a feel good factor with the exhibitors that the organizers are making the effort to advertise them with professional support.

PUBLIC RELATIONS activity should be organized therefore at least twelve months in advance, to allow coming back the agency or in-house team to develop a rapport with exhibitors and key writers. In this way it is likely that it is more likely that organizers will see appropriate articles written in the relevant press, rather than simple duplicates of press releases. The whole PAGE RANK workout is about keeping the potential exhibitors and visitors informed, take a look at produce a regular newsletter in the run up to a film? This can take news about exhibitors who have booked in the shows – on many situations the sight of the competitors’ attendance encourages other companies to consider arranging themselves.

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