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Eco Friendly Renovations – Green Building Ideas

For anyone who is concerned about the environment, and you should be, then you might be considering a green home renovation. A green home is the one that will be healthier for your family and for the planet. We will use less treasured energy, which will in turn save your valuable treasured money. There really is something in going green for all of us. There are several small eco friendly restorations that you can start with, or you can jump in with both feet to check out some renewable building ideas. Der baublog

Radiant Buffer
Consider installing a bright barrier in your basement. This is simply a sizable piece of tin foil with a backing that will reflect the high temperature far from your house and keep it cooler in the hot months. This kind of green building idea could save you money on your cooling down bill, keep your house cooler by keeping your air ducts cooler, and use less energy, which helps the environment and our economy. 

Solar Warming
For the colder weeks, go green with a solar heating system. This may either be a drinking water home heating or sun panel system. Either of these will use the sun reys to store energy and then use that energy as needed, including at night when the sunlight has long since been down. In the right climate, these ecosystem friendly renovations can imply the between having a heating and cooling expenses and not having one whatsoever. That’s good for the green of the environment and great for saving money of your wallet.

Recycling Center
You can either use a pre-made recycling center directly into your kitchen cabinetry or perhaps you can make your own from garbage cans with lids. Simply cut gaps in the lids of the rubbish cans and paint where recyclable materials goes into it. Continue to keep a sizable garbage bag in each one and when it is full you can simply pull away the bag, tie it, and take it to your nearest recycling middle. They are going to sometimes even pay you for your rubbish, and you will be doing your country organic by reducing the waste materials in the landfills.

Get Green – Get Tidy
One inexpensive way to go green is to install a new high-performing showerhead in the bathroom. The conventional family with four people showering daily uses all the water in a week as you person would take 90 days to drink. You can use up to 60% less water by simply replacing your showerhead. Imagine how much you will save on your water bill monthly and how eco friendly this renovation is to our lakes and normal water supply.

Some other things you can do to look green is to look for do-it-yourself products that are made of reused materials, replace your high wattage light bulbs with low energy fluorescent light bulbs, recycle old computers and peripherals, and encourage your neighbors to get started on doing environmental friendly renovations in their homes by giving them some green building ideas.

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