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Customer Experience Creates Loyalty – Getting it Done in the Store

My own dad had some basic rules for people who do buiness: “always do right by the customer and you will do right by him”, and “the customer comes first”. We’ve all heard customer axioms like this for years yet it is merely recently that this discussion is getting significant air time. This has recently been known for decades yet it is as if they just “discovered” this great business truth, covered for all these years… the holy grail of retail success-customer experience. Even though I am glad people are waking up to the fact that how we treat our consumers’ does impact our paydays, it is surprising that so many organisations still dismiss getting feedback from customers or implementing an efficient customer experience strategy. Voice-of-the-Customer Design

There are now tomes of customer experience and loyalty articles. This article is not addressing general customer experience subject areas –you may find several links to articles talking about training, research and a host of other customer experience techniques at the bottom of the article. In this article we will give attention to the most elusive aspect of customer experience-real time data. The problem up until now has recently been getting data and opinions to a store in a timely manner so action can be taken. This is not for an absence of effort, for example, many stores give you a web link on your store receipt and inquire that you to go online after you get home and submit a study… this once you finish shopping, get back to the automobile, deal with the kids perhaps, pick up meal on the way home, and fight with traffic right home. Needless to say it is not surprising that the response rate is low and usually when a person responds it’s because they are really so mad that it is an electrical outlet for them. Rarely do you about the reading from your customers that day.

Timing brings up another problem. It will often take weeks or a few months to process survey information and get actionable data and tasks back to the store. At the same time, how more angry individuals have left the store because of a problem that could have been adjusted the same day, perhaps within hours of the aggravating occurrence?

There is a solution. Kiosks have been around for many years but the challenge in the area of customer experience has been finding a solution that collects and gives actionable data but did not burden the shopper with too many questions or have an intimidating graphical user interface. A customer experience kiosk solves this problem–it is a simple and incredibly effective tool for retailers. ProTech is a kiosk company that also has customer experience sales staff on staff to help their clients define and implement a powerful customer experience paradigm and measure it is effectiveness. The client experience for a provides retailers with some significant tools to increase the shoppers experience and accumulate customer experience data that is actionable not several weeks or months after having a survey but on a daily basis.

The kiosks can be located in any location in the store (freestanding at the front of the store, in-wall or on a countertop). Once in place shoppers are asked to respond to a few questions in return for a coupon or other offer.

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