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Curbing Tobacco Consumption

Obsession with tobacco influences every eight out of fifteen people the world over. Various people begin using tobacco established products from quite an early age. The adolescent years are the most vulnerable time, as this is the period in our life whenever we choose up these bad patterns. Although some may never try or get into the habit of using cigarette; almost all of us could possibly commence by trying it, away of sheer curiosity. Presently there are two primary ways to consume tobacco, smoking and chewing; while nibbling tobacco maybe the earliest method of tobacco usage, smoking has become the most preferred mode today. Of course, there are a few other ways to take smoking cigarettes as different countries have different styles of cigarettes intake. Slims Ejuice

In many developed nations particularly western countries, people usually prefer to smoke or chew cigarettes. The use of smoking cigarettes is varied in the Middle East and expanding eastern countries; particularly in South East Asia where tobacco consumption is very high in comparison to west. Tobacco habit is uncontrolled in countries like India, Nepal and the bordering countries. While smoking and chewing are still the basic methods, they still have different ones. In the Middle Eastern countries, with Islamic majority the people enjoy smoking cigarettes in the form of ‘Shisha or Hookah’. That is basically smoking cigarette with water acting as the filter; the smartly devised Shisha pot has a container at the top which holds red hot coals and cigarettes and the base of the whole pot contains water. You have to attract smoke from a pipe linked to the base of the complete pot, the smoke trips through the water up to the draw water line. The Shisha is available in many flavors and the people there were smoking it for generations. 

Smoking cigarettes is commonly used in India and Nepal; a wide variety of cigs and chewing tobacco comes in the local market. The people here have different methods to chew smoking cigarettes; they add tobacco to other items. One of their exclusive ways to munch tobacco is to place betel nuts, aromatic spices or herbs and tobacco in betel leaf and chew it for a long time this concoction is called ‘Paan’. This mixture is extensively available and is believed to work as mouth fresheners, a craze made popular by the first maharajahs of India. There is also many tobacco added seasoning available, but the most frequent way to consume tobacco is quite fascinating. The people here buy packed cigarette and add in a few limestone powder, they rub the mixture for some time and then place the mix in their lips, usually the cleft between the gum’s and inner lip area. They say that the first-time users usually get a kick; little by little the habit gets the better of the user and eventually becomes an craving. Another crude form of cigarette extensively available in India is ‘Bidi’, which smoked by the section of the Indian populace who are generally below the poverty line. This kind of crude form of cigarette smoking is the top cause of cancer among the common masses in India; mainly because these bidi’s are cheap along with very low quality. Actually it is merely some raw unfiltered tobacco thrown in dried leaf; it does not have any filtration and is highly noxious.

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