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Celtic Gold Jewelry

Celtic gold jewelery is hand made jewellery which is made in Scotland. It includes different types of jewelery designs. These jewelries are made in Edinburgh. The designs are original and are incredibly exclusive. The models are incredibly unique and still have timeless designs. Most of these are produced using lost wax procedures and involves original designs as well as palm carving of wax. The models are then molded using clay. and all below

Lost feel process mostly means that the wax will move out of the clay surfaces and it will be baked with kiln giving it hollow as a hand cast. Each of these molds are for single use. You can find different designs centered on a colours or gold carats. In theory, they could be made using 9 carats of gold. They offer many different designs like garnet pendant, topaz pendant, bumpy pendant, loop earrings, wedding rings. 

These gold jewelries are inspired by 9th hundred years designs and you could find great exquisite collections which can be palm made. They come in several selling prices. The ornaments can be offered for special occasions and it make a great gift. Other jewelries includes kilt buckles, wedding rings, sporrans, and you could also make special designs after request.

These jewelries are unique and also classic. It is known they have special powers. The earrings is mainly for women nevertheless, you will also find something for men too. They are considered to be among the finest on the globe and are highly appreciated on her special designs as well as for historical reasons.

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