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A Tale of Olympic Proportions

In AD 67, Roman Chief Nero was declared chariot champion, and awarded the gold medal. In revenge of the truth that this individual fell out of his chariot and not even completed the race. This commenced a long chain of Olympic tales and misconceptions, creating an illusion of the Olympics that is far fetched from truth. So what are the info about the Olympics, and is East London the true winner, and have absolutely they fallen out the chariot? matt ryan

This year is the fifth anniversary of the Olympic bid, which helped bring promises of regeneration and upturns in the five boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Waltham Forest and Newham. Chair Lord Sebastian Coe based his message for the Olympics on the promise of the lasting regeneration legacy the event would leave east London. It had been proposed that these areas would experience higher employment, sporting contribution, training opportunities and casing conditions. It was stated that the sporting events would strengthen a deprived community. Yet how does such a huge event drip down to the local level? 

According to a study made by Coalter, Allison and Taylor on the role of sports in regenerating deprived urban areas, “there is little data about the effects of such sports events-led monetary regeneration strategies… there is a lack of available data on the regenerative impact of sports assets on local communities”. Put simply, major sporting events have no measurable impact on locals. Rather, huge tasks strip funding from regionally managed, smaller projects. The National Lottery is adding to? 2. 2billion to the Olympics. Ironically, it has taken money from university sport funding, which has seen it’s budget lower by 28 percent, not to mention the Funds for the Arts contributions containing taken an up to 29. 6% slash. It should be noted that Primary Minister Cameron is reassessing the cuts on sports activities for school after a petition from Olympic and Paralympics athletes such as diver Tom Daley, swimmer Sascha Kindred and faustkämpfer James DeGale. National Lotto cuts directly affect smaller charities and native assignments all around England, as they will find it near impossible to secure funding. Sir Clive Presentation area, chair of the top Lotto Fund, commented on the diversion of good cause money: “I very much regret that it has been required to divert a further? 425m of the Big Lottery fund’s good cause resources to support the 2012 Olympics system… ” It is clear the government see reconstruction as building large-scale assignments as oppose to offering a helping hand to local communities.

If smaller projects and charities will be unable to pay their staff, at least the Olympic Delivery Specialist has promised 11, 500 new jobs, with a target of 10-15% of the workforce to be drawn from the five host boroughs. But surely this target sounds relatively small, considering the great going in to the project and the work that really needs doing. Hackney MEGA-PIXEL Diane Abbot comments: “The number of individuals from the East End who have received jobs there remains low… it is just a pitifully unambitious target. It’ll have no durability if residents see 85% to 90% of careers going to outsiders”. The Olympic Delivery Authority system has put only ten Hackney residents into work, yet about 108, 1000 people of workable era in the Olympic boroughs are unemployed. The most significant space for employment is in construction, with a potential 30, 000 careers. However hiring is immediately in the hands of the sub-contractor, who will simply use the cheapest labour, and never take the initiative to hire local people or give agreements to local suppliers. In fact, a mere seventy seven local businesses out of 600 companies supply to the Olympics. Tenon Community forum, a group of pioneeringup-and-coming advisors have reported that just 10% of the nation’s entrepreneurs think the games will have a positive impact on their businesses, with 70% assuming that they may lose out to big companies. 300 local businesses in Stratford were issued with compulsory purchase orders by the Birmingham Development Agency, and still have now been vacated. These businesses applied at least 5, 500 staff. Yet these characters have not been deducted from the calculation of job creations for the Olympics, and haven’t recently been taken into consideration by the ODA as failures for local employment. Yet you won’t need to worry about local joblessness if you are one of Boris Johnson’s ex-lovers, when you are guaranteed a job at the Olympic Playground! So that should bump down the figure quite a lot.

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